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A web development tool called Highlight Search Terms Using Javascript allows you to use Javascript to highlight particular search phrases or keywords on a web page.

When a user types a search term into a search bar, the tool searches the HTML of the page for instances of that search term and highlights any matching words. This highlighting effect can be achieved by altering the backdrop or font colour, underlining or bordering the text, or all three.

This tool has a number of advantages that you can use on your website. Secondly, it can enhance user experience by making it simpler for visitors to swiftly and easily discover the content they're looking for. By giving a visual indication for crucial material, it can also help to increase the accessibility of your site for individuals with visual impairments. Third, by making it simpler for search engines to find pertinent information on your site, it can help to improve the search engine optimisation (SEO) of your website. Making your website more visually appealing and engaging for users can also enhance user engagement and conversion rates.

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